May 27, 2015: “A Great Day for North Carolina”

Five years ago Jason Lauve and I were asked by Preston Whitfield to speak with the North Carolina Secretary of Agriculture Troxler. We would help a local company get hemp legal there, which ended up becoming the NCIHA. Bob Crumley headed it up, and Innovate Naturally was in the crew.

So the 4 of us (wheelchair-bound Jason’s service dog Escher came with) flew to North Carolina for a weekend and took the meetings with the crew and the SecAg, on May 27, 2015. For some reason it was pointed out to the SecAg in a big meat-producing state that I was the token “vegan”. Anyway, I answered the SecAg’s two questions regarding the size of the market. It was a fun weekend, we enjoyed NC, all was fine.

It ended up costing us mercifully only a few dollars as we were lured with plans to consult for them, bring products to market and the like. I helped write drafts of a business plan, and strategized how to piece it together. A big component was smokable hemp, “Nobacco,” to help the tobacco heirs heal generations of karma.

A few went to the Hemp Inc. plant to see the massive fiber decorticator they bought a few years ago. A BMW car containing many hemp fiber materials was on display in front of the statehouse. The hemp flag was trotted out for the obligatory photo opps. David Schmidt, Michael Chappelear, and John Patterson came to help us celebrate. Our hosts took good care of us.

It took longer than expected for the law to be passed and the program and NCIHA association funded, and by then all the plans fell to dust.

Then in September of that year I was invited to speak at a hemp event in Asheville, culminating in the first Hemp X. I did a long lecture complete with slides on the state of Hemp 3.0, CBD hemp. Hemp Road Trip and HIA President Rick Trojan was feverishly taking notes in the front row. Before that was a lovely hempseed lunch by a local chef and the Hempeh folks. I was supposed to go back the next year for pay but as usual the Celebrity Hempsters® snagged the gig instead.

That’s the typical scenario, activists do the heavy lifting and the carpetbaggers rush in behind and for the fame and fortune. Since then Jason and I have helped activists in other states and nations around the world legalize hemp and hemp products. While we’re cool with not getting credit for it, the occasional public Thank You and acknowledgment would be nice. Or even some of that budget going to pay the Celebrity Hempsters®. The hemp associations pretend we don’t exist, so it can look like it was all them. You don’t see us at hemp expos because our blunt honesty is not welcome among all the Hemp Hustlers working hard to part you from your money any way possible.

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