Microdosing 20x Safer Than Cannabis

Dr David Nutt is a drugs expert in England. His 2010 study “Drug harms in the UK: a multicriteria decision analysis” found that even heroic doses of psychedelics are safer than Cannabis, after accounting for 16 possible harms.

For psychedelics those harms were “Drug-specific impairment of mental functioning” and “Family adversities.” But in today’s age of the psychedelic microdose, even those two harms are eliminated thereby making them 20 times safer than Cannabis. Microdosed psilocybin and LSD, both.

Yet, all 3 of these powerful medicines are still Schedule 1 controlled substances with “no medical value.” However, the most dangerous of the drugs, alcohol, is freely available to most anyone, around the world.

Don’t agree with the chart? I suggest you read the study and learn what Dr Nutt knows that you don’t!

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