Myth Hemp

Here are some persistent myths regarding hemp:

Hempcrete requires hemp (most of the millions of tons of ag waste burned every year can be used). Ricehouse even makes it out of waste rice hulls.

Hemplastic requires hemp (ditto).

CBD shrubs contain usable fiber (while tall stands bred for fiber work great for hurd and bast separation and use, short drug-Cannabis shrubs do not).

The omega-6/omega-3 ratio of 3:1 is perfect. The originator of that idea, Dr Udo Erasmus, recanted it; as with most things we eat the body doesn’t care the ratio as it puts it to use as needed anyway. Lappe recanted her protein complementing, a similar idea.

Hempseed has no anti-nutritional factors (it has a few, including trypsin inhibitors). But it’s not nearly as bad as soya in this.

CBD can’t get convert to THC (in an acid matrix, it can and it will convert to D9 THC, CBN, and a few metabolites; so yes you can get high from CBD).

Stony isomers of THC if from hemp are illegal (no, Congress saw fit to legalize them in the 2018 Farm Bill allowing hemp).

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