New Method to Determine Hemp from Seedlings

Combine “Validating a predictive model of cannabinoid inheritance with feral, clinical, and industrial Cannabis sativa” (2020) with “Recommended methods for the identification and analysis of cannabis and cannabis products” (2009) to argue to USDA for a better definition of hemp.

“CONCLUSIONS: Our results extend the generality of the inheritance model for THC:CBD to diverse C. sativa accessions and demonstrate that CBDAS genotyping can predict the ratio in a variety of practical applications. Cannabinoid profiles and associated CBDAS segregation patterns suggest that feral C. sativa populations are potentially valuable experimental systems and sources of germplasm.”


“Industrial cannabis (industrial hemp) comprises a number of varieties of Cannabis sativa L. that are intended for agricultural and industrial purposes. They are grown for their seeds and fibres. Industrial cannabis is characterized by low THC content and high cannabidiol (CBD) content. In most European countries the current upper legal limit for cultivation is 0.2 per cent THC (Canada: 0.3 per cent). The ratio of CBD to THC is greater than one.”

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