Paper From Cactus

Do we really need virgin hemp hurd for mere toilet paper?

Make paper from the Nopal cactus (Fico d’India in Italy). It is also used in a gastric fat-binding weight-loss product from a drug company. Plantations are possible.

From Dr Giorgio Samorini:

“PRODUCING PAPER from the guinea fig tree, precisely from the “leaves”(cladodi) of Opuntia. The Sicilians are thinking about it, who never know what to do with the mountains of waste material produced by the scraping. Other than exterminating forests for toilet paper.

Click to see the paper: Hand-made paper obtained by green procedure of cladode waste of Opuntia ficus indica (L.) Mill. from Sicily, Natural Product Research, vol. 35, pp. 359-368. Francesco Sottile et al.”

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