Pot Smokers Are Safe Drivers

In case someone actually thinks roadside drug testing has something to do with safety, note they don’t test for opiates or benzos, which is the drug most involved in crashes. Also, ganja use has little impact on crashes:


The starting point for this review was a literature search that identified eleven epidemiological studies of the relationship between the presence of THC in a body fluid and crashing. Those studies were then scrutinised to gauge how well they dealt with a number of identified biases. It is concluded that, if cannabis does increase the risk of crashing, the increase is unlikely to be more than about 30%. Even the null hypothesis of no increase cannot be rejected. This review also investigated two further hypotheses about the relationship between the use of cannabis and crashing. The first is that there is a threshold concentration of THC below which there is no effect, but above which there is an effect. The second is that the use of cannabis with alcohol exacerbates the effects of alcohol on crashing. It is concluded that there is no satisfactory epidemiological evidence for either hypothesis. The review also briefly examined the literature on the results of laboratory studies of the effects of cannabis on driving-related skills, and concludes that there is nothing in that literature to challenge the null hypothesis of no effect of cannabis on crashing [meaning no effect from cannabis on crashes is possible].”

Click here to read the study: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320748301_CANNABIS_AND_ROAD_CRASHES_A_CLOSE_LOOK_AT_THE_BEST_EPIDEMIOLOGICAL_EVIDENCE

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