R U a Hemp Nut?

The Cannabis Art Guild is proud to offer the community the next generation in Conscious Activist gear. Wear your activism proudly with the HempNut T-shirt.

The pioneering iconic Hemp Food brand, The Original HempNut “Hulled Hempseed,” has returned to the Cannabis community after more than 20 years, with a message of Hope and Unity for the next generation.

While HempNut, Inc. foods lived on thousands of store shelves across the US and Canada only from 1994-2002, it’s legendary logo and story live on in service to the community it helped create.

Through technology available today and in the spirit of Activism, the founder of HempNut has allowed the timeless logo being used in collaboration with selected social Cannabis causes. HempNut gets zero zip zilch nada from sales, in order to raise more funds for these causes. The first beneficiary is the campaign Free Lance Gloor, a medical marijuana caregiver jailed for growing a plant legal in his state.

This is the first time in a generation that the legendary Original HempNut logo will be offered on any product. 

Support comes in many forms, if you’re not in a position to support these causes through a purchase of a shirt, please consider Sharing this post. 

Either way, check ’em out: http://cannabisartguild.org/hempnut

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