R U Paying 40% Tax 4 Flies 2?

Here’s a recent picture of a fly found in an eight of adult-use marijuana bought from a state-regulated dispensary in Los Angeles. Many are under the mistaken impression state-regulated retailers are automatically better than legacy market retailers.

State marijuana “legalization” is little more than an old school shakedown racket. Pay the Governor’s Goons lots of money and they won’t fck you up.

It’s still illegal. It’s still Schedule 1 in the state and federally. Thousands are still being arrested annually in “marijuana legal” states for possession.

47 states are playing the Tenth Amendment card with some form of legal Cannabis, making Schedule 1 unconstitutional 47 times over. But they keep it illegal and then selectively enforce who gets raided.

To be “legal,” one has to violate one’s Fifth Amendment to the same state which made it a S1 Controlled Substance, who then shares that information with the Feds who also made it a S1 CS.

None of this is subject to court review, eliminating a huge check to balance the awesome power of the government. With asset forfeiture there’s zero reason to waste money and risk high court review with prosecution if you can just steal all their assets instead. So they do.

Even a constitutionally-protected patient growing one plant in a locked and fenced greenhouse in Denver risks losing their house for it.

So please don’t pretend today’s regulated system is what some of us have been working towards the last 48 years. It’s a mere waystation to true normalization via real decriminalization.

No one should have to pay 40% tax to the state on the weight of a fly just to smoke weed.

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