Shrooms Aren’t Weed

If I were 30, 40 years younger I’d develop a microdose product using a non-Scheduled psychedelic myco and get it into national distribution with clever marketing. It is time.

It’s not always about heroic doses when it comes to psychedelics. There might be bigger money in a say 50 mg psilocybin product taken a couple times a day, 3 to 5 days a week. That’s only 2 grams/month, but every month for years by a huge percentage of the population. How often will those taking 5 gram doses in therapy do so? If less than every 10 weeks then ironically the microdosers are the heavier user.

One thing this article misses is that shrooms are way easier, faster, and safer to grow than Cannabis. Fewer people will need those companies mentioned, but psilocybin (still Schedule 1, but it’s spores aren’t) grow kits will be big.

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