How to Get Teens to Not Smoke Pot? Legalize.

Teen marijuana use is dropping significantly because of legalization.

In “Adolescent Treatment Admissions for Marijuana Following Recreational Legalization in Colorado and Washington” is:

“Results: Over all states in the analysis, the rate of adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana use declined significantly over the study period, with the mean rate falling nearly in half. The decline in admissions rate was greater in Colorado and Washington compared to non-RML states following RML, though this difference was not significant.

Conclusion: Adolescent treatment admissions for marijuana use did not increase in Colorado and Washington following RML.

This may be because youth marijuana use did not increase, CUD did not increase (even if use did increase), or treatment seeking behaviors changed due to shifts in attitudes and perceptions of risk towards marijuana use.“

This is why addiction treatment centers are, ironically, anti-legalization.

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