The Legalization-Industrial Complex

We’ve seen that the Legalization Industry exists to maintain jobs, increase budget, and gain more influence and power, not to actually legalize. See below… this otherwise could have all been over in 1978, hemp legalization too.

Today, the big organizations like NORML help the regulated industry make money by keeping it precious, available only to the wealthy and their minions. It stopped being about actual legalization years ago. Hemp, as well: the people paying hemp lobbyists for years were protecting their investments in Canadian hemp from the “scourge of U.S. hemp farmers.” Otherwise hemp would have been legalized around 2005, when Sen. Paul introduced the first hemp legalization bill.

From Slate Magazine:

Mr. Marijuana and the Drug Czar

Why did Keith Stroup tell a reporter that Peter Bourne had done Coke? Bourne was the best ally he’d ever had together. They’d been spreading the gospel of decriminalisation across America.

Keith Stroup and Peter Bourne were on the verge of changing America’s pot laws—and then a blowout Christmas party in 1977 changed everything.

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