The Overton Window Problem

One reason legalization is so slow is the legalization industry’s mismanagement of the Overton Window. Well, that plus not wanting to find new jobs once successful, a perverse incentive.

We need a pro-legalization group to stake out the far left of the Window. The smart thing to do would be for NORML et al to fund it and hire one of the industry gadflies to run it. A Sarich or a Lauve or a Forchion or a Rose type of activist; assertive, smart, take-no-prisoners rabble-rouser. They can push the Window hard to the left thereby making NORML et al appear far more reasonable thus get more traction.

This same problem happened in hemp, that’s why it didn’t get legal until 2018. And in hemp in Europe, it persists to this day. All these associations see every other association as competition, instead of realizing how to use them strategically. They’re playing checkers, but we need to play chess.

Impotent associations suck the air out of the room, preventing better ones from emerging. That’s why letting HIA continue all these years was such a bad idea.

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