Time for a Hemp Food Association?

Don’t you think hemp’s first billion dollar industry, hemp foods, deserves its own trade association? There’s a building one and a fiber one and a CBD one and an animal food one… but not one for “Hemp 2.0,” seed for food, and its unique challenges.

There are numerous segment-specific initiatives needed such as hemp food consumer and trade promotion, FDA liaison, educating on the THC issue, getting states to legalize CBD foods via Sherman Act exemptions, pursue FDCA/DSHEA grandfathering, GRAS status for hemp flower products, standards, seed trials selecting for flavor and nutrition, “coöpetition” between members private labeling for each other, advocacy, joint research for new applications and products, more.

Both industrial ingredients as well as CPG companies would benefit, processors too.

There are workarounds to shadow-bans; third-party policy advocacy is one of them. Perhaps the Hemp Food Association (c. 1998) could step up again to help the industry. Is it time yet?

Don’t worry, not me. I’m retired, it’s for someone younger. But please: just be knowledgeable about food.

From the New York Post:

Hemp-based merchants say Facebook’s ‘unfair’ ad bans hurt small businesses

“Facebook and Instagram’s strict advertising policies are hurting small businesses that make products out of hemp — even though the cannabis derivative can’t get you high, has been legal for decades and was famously farmed by George Washington.

Mike Goose, a 41-year-old entrepreneur who runs a New York-based company that makes tortilla chips out of hemp seeds, said his company’s ads have been rejected by Facebook since 2019 for violating its ban on ads for “illegal products or services.””

Read about the HFA at:

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