Whitewashing Hemp’s Failure

The following story reveals what happens when you take a company’s statements at face value, with no due diligence.

It states that the hemp industry has matured, despite crashing hard for years now:

Lies have been the main marketing tool of many hemp companies, from “fake it til you make it” to pump & dump schemes to tricking farmers into supplying them then going bankrupt, and in the case of GenCanna, owing as much as half a billion dollars to its neighbors.

That same recent hemp expo saw disappointing attendance. How long can a hemp expo exist without robust public and trade support? Trade-only shows are expensive to do right, and sound business practices demand an ROI. And if they lose a weekend day of M-F workers + loss of consumers on that day, it’s a vastly different situation.

Weekday-only becomes a higher-level corporate show at a time the corporations are devastating hemp with bankruptcies and worse. The industry is an infant and still barely hanging on, acres and interest dropping hard every year. Clinging to cannabinoid products in a grain and fiber future is short-sighted.

Right when it should be building consumer demand for hemp products by having a free public day, they ceded that critical function to some other enterprising person, apparently. It raises the cost considerably to do two shows instead of one, and vendors of CPGs lose the ability to sell their product in order to offset the show cost if trade-only.

It’s a major competitive opening for someone to exploit, especially if they offer solid content, such as workshops with practical advice at getting into business, or cooking, or mixing ‘Crete.

Enough with promoting the Celebrity Hempsters® and the regulators, compliance officers, cops, lawyers, politicians, and other sundry bureaucrats as if they were anything other than what they really are: obstacles to progress.

It’s time to tell us HOW to do things with hemp instead of why NOT to do them. Move us forward, don’t hold us back. Maybe a new hemp expo will do it right this time?

Read more at: https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/healthy-living/hemp-industry-matures-future-new-products-less-cbd/

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