World’s. Worst. Laws.

What would you think if your state proposed this hemp bill:

  • bans CBD and use of flowers
  • allowing only seed and fiber to be grown
  • mandating certified cultivars even for latitudes where none exist
  • no female-only (95% of today’s hemp), must include males 
  • grown only as densely-planted field style outdoors 
  • ornamental cultivation is prohibited
  • culling or pruning and tending of individual plants is prohibited, and 
  • nothing planted until the Feds legalize 

A more-restrictive hemp bill can’t be imagined, even if turning the pen over to the cops. Yet, that’s exactly what the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) got passed in California (SB 566), and tried to get passed in Hawaii. It even has their name in it. 

Sponsored by an Assemblyman with zero farms in his district of San Francisco, it was written to prevent hemp pollination of downwind medical marijuana grows.

In 2006 the Governor vetoed AB 1147 in California, but SB 566 passed in 2013, a year after Colorado legalized hemp. Then in 2016, AUMA contained virtually the same provisions. A Republican in Hawaii introduced the same bill there.

This legislative history of hemp in California and Hawaii is profoundly dysfunctional, and these bills literally have HIA’s name in it four times.

Read more about HIA at: Is HIA Insolvent, and Why?

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