1980-2020: Richard Rose Industry Firsts

Vegan and Soyfoods Firsts
Vegan restaurant in California (1980)
Vegan egg-nog (1981)
Tofu merchandised in a box (1985)
Tofu frozen dessert powdered mixes (1985)
Tofu ice cream exported to Japan (1986)
Food & Beverage MarketingLeading Innovator of 1986” (1986)
Organic vegan cream cheese (1994)
Introduced 80+ vegan and soyfoods (1980-1994): Brightsong Tofu, Marinated Tofu, Vege-Herb Tofu, Soymilk, Tofu Creamie, Tofu Salad Dressing, Tofunofish Salad, Tofu Mayo, Tofu Cream Pie, Tofu Pudding, Soysage, Cal-gari Tofu, Cococarob Tofu Tart, Pumpkin Pie, Soy Nog, Cottage Salad, Missing-Egg Salad, Tofummus, Hummous, Lite & Creamy, Strawberry Diet DeLite, Tofu Pumpkin Puddin’, Skinny Dip, Orange Sunshine, Lite Mousse, Le Tofu, Mix Plus+, Tofu Plus+, Concentrate Plus+, Tofu Nog, Fruit D’Lite, Soy-O, TofuRella, Le Yogurt, powdered instant soymilk beverage, dry Le Tofu, Free, vegetarian meat analogs, TofuRella Slices, Heart’s D’Lite, AlmondRella, Zero-FatRella, Better Than Meat, VeganRella, and VeganRella cream cheese.

Hemp Firsts
Inc. 500 award winner in hemp (1993)
Established food professional to pivot to hemp (1994)
Positive newspaper and magazine food and business stories on hemp (1994)
Perishable hemp foods (1994)
Frozen hemp foods (1994)
Hemp Cheese (1994)
Hemp Burger (1994)
International hemp food supply chain (1994)
International hemp food sales and distribution network (1994)
Hemp food served at a Cannabis Cup (1994)
Hemp foods sold coast-to-coast in the US and Canada (1995)
Hemp foods sold in a military PX (1996)
Shelled Hempseed introduced to the US and Canada (1996)
To coin the term “hemp nut” for shelled hempseed (1996)
Established nomenclature for hempseed foods (1996)
Quality assurance program to inspire consumer confidence in hemp foods (1996)
HIA Conference manager to make the Cons fund the organization for the year, while also lowering the cost for members to attend (1996)
Industry Conference meals containing hempseed (1996)
Three hemp industry awards for food innovation (1997/1998)
Hemp foods exported to Europe (1997)
Appearances on TV and radio for hemp foods (1997)
Smoked Hemp Cheese (1997)
Chair of the HIA Food and Oil Committee (1997)
Mentor in hemp foods (1997)
FDA-legal health claim on a hemp product (1998)
FDA-legal structure-function claims (1998)
Certified organic hempseed products (1998)
Online hemp food store, on Yahoo! (1998)
Global supply chain for shelled hempseed (China>Germany>USA) (1998)
National ads in trade and consumer magazines for a hemp food (1998)
Lowest-cost producer of shelled hempseed, to this day the 1st is still the lowest (1998)
Hemp Food Association (1998)
Hemp protein powder marketed (1998)
UHT Hemp Milk developed (1998)
Hemp Nut Butter (1998)
Hemp Cookies (1998)
Hemp Cheese Alternative in Europe (1998)
HIA Hemp Fiber Certification Program Director (1998)
Hemp brand licensing program (1998)
Hempseed industrial ingredients (1998)
Hempreneur development program (1999)
Appearance making hemp foods on national TV (1999)
Hemp foods to be in jokes on The Tonight Show (1999)
Hemp cookbooks with original historical references and nutrition charts (2000)
To coin the term “medicinal hemp” (2014)
CBD trade association, Medicinal Hemp Association (2014)
Search engine for 64 medical conditions, CannaSearch (2015)
$20,000 genetics giveaway, F*ck Cancer variety by the MHA (2015)
“Chief Cannabinoid Officer” of a company (2015)
Open-source smokable CBD hemp brands, Nobacco and Not-Pot (2015)
Hemp Flower Products Association (2017)
FDA submission to grandfather hemp flower products (2017)
Free Cannabis library with ~7,000 PDFs (CannLib) (2018)
Documentation of use of CBD extracts in EU pre-Novel Foods (2018)
Cannabinoid Facts label, like the Nutrition Facts disclosure (2019)
Hemp newswire, CannaSearch Daily with 10,000 posts/year (2020)

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