CBD Hempseed Oil Not a Novel Food

As I’ve been saying for years, hempseed oil which naturally contains CBD is not a Novel Food in UK and EU, nor an adulterated food in the US.

At 0.2% max THC in UK and EU it could be 4% CBD, at 0.3% in US the hempseed oil could be 6% CBD. Hemp can have a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 or more.

Ninth Circuit protections still apply, protecting hemp foods naturally and unavoidably containing Cannabinoids. Hempseed oil is already an exempt Novel Food, and is GRAS in the US. In addition, FDA has said foods to which CBD has been added are not allowed, leaving the door open to foods to which hempseed oil has been added, which might naturally and unavoidably contains CBD thus CBD was not added. Hempseed oil has long contained THC, even enough to fail a THC test for drivers in some states and Canada, and no one got upset about it. CBD should not be more regulated than an undisclosed psychoactive Schedule 1 controlled substance in a food sold in most stores.

From Hemp Hound Agency in England:

“A Hemp Hound Exclusive and hot off the press from the FSA, I believe any CBD business with Novel Foods interests should take a look to see where we are in the grand scheme of things.

Point 1: The FSA have NOT been contacting companies to suggest they have a better chance of validation if they joined a consortium application such as EIHA and ACI have. This hopefully ends a rumour that has been heard from a few unrelated sources.

Point 3: Absolute proof that cold press hemp is not Novel. For those who were uncertain and thought the FSA just meant hemp seed oil, you’re welcome!

Point 4 of course is of interest, and I will be looking into this further.

Point 5 though, that’s what is of major interest. Out of the 100’s of applications and that of EIHA’s and the ACI’s consortium applications, only 4 have come to an acceptable standard to go beyond admin and on towards validation. That doesn’t sit right to me, especially when you consider the money some companies have thrown at Novel Foods.”

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