How to Push Back on EFSA CBD Decision

What could one do to leverage the Novel Food decision on CBD by EFSA for the good of society?

This issue has many natural allies: fiscal conservatives, social liberals, law and order right-wingers, black lives matter lefties, social equity, appropriate criminal justice, harm reduction, patients’ rights and access, affordable medicine, reducing burden on the state health system, entrepreneurs, real estate developers and owners, religious leaders (Cannabis is KNH BSM in the Bible), police unions, pharmacists, nurses and doctors, laboratories, lighting companies, nutrient companies, equipment vendors, people interested in a source of new tax income or disintermediating the mafia, government corruption reformers, etc.

If one was well-financed one could…

1) Start a hard-line left- and/or (two) right-wing trade association for this project with political hard cores. Have an unusual ethic or approach, such as protection of member state history of use of traditional foods and agricultural products. That makes the “Chanvre Uni d’Europe” organization in #5 below more centrist by using the Overton Window. (I think EIHA has outlived its usefulness and should stick to its wheelhouse: bio-based fibres. CBD and even food were the square pegs to their round hole of fibre expertise and advocacy.)

2) Decide which is the best nation to target first, judicially and legislatively sympathetic. You’ll need a governmental advocate banging a shoe on the desk of the EU and national parliaments if necessary. For instance, tiny Estonia is a large producer of hemp, second only to France.

3) Go to that nation and offer to build a big processing plant and contract enough acres to feed it. Get the government to accept your plans, change whatever laws need to be changed, even go rogue like Italy (0.6% max THC when growing, 0.5% in finished products).

4) Do a public story with the frame “Patients Cry: EU bans safe nontoxic non-intoxicating helpful cannabinoid from hemp in order to give it to Big Pharma.” Use big national media, then a consumer book release a few months later on CBD by a national celebrity.

5) Organize all the hemp farmers and allied industries (many listed above) in the EU to lobby their nation’s government, as well as Brussels, in a new hemp association “Chanvre Uni d’Europe“. Lobby the Agriculture Ministry, also Health and Commerce Ministries. Involve patients groups. Recruit CEOs to lobby personally.

6) Start public social media campaigns such as what Meglio Legale is doing. Get the public outraged at this victimization of hemp farmers and patients, include parents talking about their child’s medical need for CBD.

7) In Italy, use the Cassation ruling and flood the country with legal marijuana clones, on every balcony; normalize the growing of Cannabis of all types, including Operation Overgrow (toss marijuana or hemp seed into public places everywhere)

8) Lobby the UN hard for its upcoming vote on Scheduling of Cannabis in Vienna.

Use the following for your narrative and framing:

  • There has been many millennia of use of CBD across member states, in the form of hempseed oil and hempseed eaten as food, it constitutes a large, long and uneventful CBD toxicology trial.
  • CBD is the main cannabinoid in hemp, thus high in hempseed oil; if 0.2% THC then it is at least 4% CBD, as it has been for millennia.
  • Use the favorable parts of the WHO CBD report.
  • Use the favorable parts of the FDA CBD report.
  • Many patients need it for many conditions, from children with seizures to elderly with tremors and strokes.
  • Cite studies and get testimonials from users, especially the youngest and oldest.
  • Use this study on Rx drug reduction from smokable hemp: “Do-It-Yourself medicine? The impact of light cannabis liberalization on prescription drugs” (April 2019).
  • Encourage the Italy and Swiss hemp flowers model for retail.
  • State number of studies on CBD (thousands), length of them (since 1840), number of patents (thousands).
  • Patients need access.
  • And in fact, it should all be legal anyway… work with Cannabis and MJ and Patient groups to legalize.
  • Cannabis: because God doesn’t make mistakes, but men do.”
  • Frame it as an anti-mafia and corruption cause.
  • Frame it as a Human Rights issue (right to choose one’s safe effective medicine). The UN SCND exempts medical uses.
  • Get celebrities to join you in these campaigns, including conservatives, older people and sports heroes.

Ultimate Goals:

  • To get all natural phytocannabinoids exempt as a Novel Food (NF).
  • Minimally processed CBD extracts are not a NF, or if below 20 mg per serving in food regardless of source.
  • Allow use in all foods, artisanal and caregiver extracts, no claims, register as a food plant at the minimum, no EU regulation if sold only in that nation.
  • Allow extraction via CO2, hydrocarbons, oil, ETOH, dry, electrostatic, ultrasound, or water; and as a hemp food company not a drug company.
  • Allow grow and process your own.
  • These rules go for all subsequent naturally-occurring cannabinoids, such as CBGa.
  • Mandatory approved cultivar provision lifted, freedom to grow like in Switzerland and Colorado.
  • No THC test required if approved varieties are used.
  • CAP subsidies for all hemp not just seed and fibre.
  • 1% max Delta-9 THC in flowers and products like in Switzerland, tested without decarboxylation (via HPLC).
  • Encourage smokable hemp to replace tobacco, but at lower tax because of the health care cost savings.
  • Give future marijuana dispensary licenses to those selling Cannabis Light now to reward their vision and courage.

Remember that this is much bigger than just NF, or hemp, or CBD. Ultimately we want to break the back of Cannabis Prohibition for the benefit of patients, other consumers, and society… not just the wealthy 1% like they did in North America.

All use is medicinal.

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