“Mariguana” and “Rosa Maria” in the 1846 Mexican Pharmacopeia

The term “Marijuana” has been in the Mexican Pharmacopeia since at least 1846, including its variations “Mariguana” and “Marihuana”, referring to the genus Cannabis in a language in which both J and G are pronounced as H, as well as “Rosa Maria” for Cannabis Indica. Could “Red Mary” refer to the reddish tint of some varieties?

Notice that they understood the difference between the ssp for fiber Cannabis (C. Sativa, namely Cañamo or hemp) and drug Cannabis (C. Indica). Of course, even that hemp was much higher in THC than today’s 0.3%, let alone the ~20x more CBD in it.

While it lists marijuana as having “narcotic” properties, it states hemp is an “emulsive,” something used to make an emulsion (combining oil and water). Source: Google Books.

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