“My, Aren’t We Tall!”

Attention Hempsters: the pioneers whose shoulders you stand upon are still around. You aren’t really that tall, just look down and give us a high-five.

Those who pioneered hemp textiles, hemp food, hempseed oil nutrition, hempcrete, hemp breeding, and CBD… we’re still here!

Although to look at hemp expo speaker schedules and the hemp media, you would never know it. The pioneers are the ones with bullets in the back, not front.

Sure, you’ll see those we inspired to get into hemp there but we’re too busy continuing our work pioneering new opportunities for you to exploit to be bothered traveling to speak on our dime. Not that we don’t educate on our own terms as in fact that has been a constant in our careers, education. But our “hustle bone” is broken, especially for me. The industry now celebrates hustlers over pioneers, Dunning-Kruger noobs over those who have accomplished much.

But the situation is even worse: the most corrupt and inept hemp association in history is indoctrinating a new generation of young hemp leaders in their Machiavellian ways. Since ethics and integrity are the foundational attributes of any business, this does not portend well for the future of U.S. hemp.

But wait, it gets worser: the same association now wants to spread its evil ways across the planet, suggesting it run a global association of hemp associations. Frying pan, meet fire.

Especially since none of the other associations will police their peers, thus let morally- and financially-bankrupt HIA continue its well-documented history of fckery with zero consequences. Expect to see more manufactured controversy, it’s good for headlines.  

If any hemp educators want to start a HempMBA® program, hit me up. The industry desperately needs it. Failing to improve the hemp industry’s ethics and knowledge is an existential crisis, China and others pose a real threat to the future of the U.S. hemp industry.

Charlatan associations more interested in your dues than success are not equipped to address this. Especially if they’re eyeing being global, which will inevitably mean helping China, the biggest player by far. The “Bronutivahoba Association” has already shown it picks favorites to promote.

Here is the HIA Chronicles for those actually performing their Due Diligence:











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