Regulate MJ Like Hemp or Regulate Hemp Like MJ

While the current state of marijuana regulation in the states is a sad, bad joke, with open and flagrant THC inflation fraud and the tacit approval of regulators, THC testing in hemp is highly-controlled.

In hemp, a law enforcement officer collects the sample and delivers it to a state drug lab, maintaining legal chain of custody in case of prosecution over literally tenths of one percent THC, 0.3% THC is compliant but 0.4% isn’t in most jurisdictions. That’s 100-times less than the THC percentage many claim for marijuana.

And now some are making delta-8, -9, and -10 THC from hemp CBD often from cheap Chinese isolate or crude, with dozens of bizarre “Frankenoids” created in the process. And since there has been little federal enforcement it appears “legal,” although states are banning it one-by-one. The next Farm Bill will likely put that to bed.

It’s a crazy world, up is down and left is right.

And Talking Joints Memo quoted me on it:

“Last week, Richard Rose, a legend in the hemp world and author of The Richard Rose Report… This Week newsletter on the subject, mocked the general state of his industry:

We tell them we want to feed and clothe people so they legalize and then we end up making dirty bathtub THC for vape pens to be sold to teens in southern states. There’s a huge lesson to be learned from all this,” Rose wrote. “Either regulate marijuana like hemp or regulate hemp like marijuana.””

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Here are current studies on the hemp delta-8/Frankenoid problem. TL;DR: the issue is not the delta-8/9/10 per se, it’s the bizarre chemicals the dirty process creates. It’s as much hemp as a synthetic vitamin B pill is a leaf of spinach.

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