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The Richard Rose Report...This Week

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The next Farm Bill is likely to deal a severe blow to that regulatory anomaly it created in the last one, the emerging cannabinoids-from-hemp market such as delta-8, -9, and -10 THC. Therefore, it’s time to pivot back to “true hemp,” namely fiber and grain.

Hemp in the U.S. has never been in as much trouble since re-starting 10 years ago in Colorado, I’ll be covering ways of restoring the 400+ year legacy of industrial hemp in America. I’ll discuss the strategies and tactics from the past, both the successes and blunders, and how to increase demand, organize processing, and scale production.

Not unfeasible aspirational pie-in-the-sky ideas, but practical suggestions and case studies informed by my 30 years in hemp branding/marketing and 44 in business; lessons one can apply today.

After all, long before most heard of CBD, hemp products sold for several millions of dollars annually in the U.S., and have for years. It’s not like the industry suddenly sprung up with the 2012 Amendment 20 in Colorado, or the 2014 Farm Bill, or the 2018 Farm Bill.

Hemp’s first billion-dollar segment, seed for food, started during prohibition 30 years ago. All those acres in Canada since 1998 went to millions of tons of grain for food, mostly exported. CBD was banned there until just a few years ago.

Hemp grain for food has long had the most companies, retailers, products, consumers, profits, sales, and acres over the last 25 years. The U.S. could, should, get a taste of that. Bonus: growing for seed generates over 4 times more weight in stalks for fiber processing, reducing the cost for both. 

I’ll leave it to others to explain how we got here since 2018. Instead, let’s look upward and forward and fix this mess. 


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