The Sordid Saga of California Hemp Continues

The latest in California’s long hatred of all things hemp continues. Here’s the latest on AB 45, the bill to regulate hemp into oblivion. It kills smokable hemp (California received tobacco tax revenues of $832,379,000 in 2015, 0.74% of total tax revenues), tinctures (because they contain alcohol), makes foods far more difficult to produce, makes hemp pass the same tests as marijuana, and expects those selling into California from outside the state to pay Cali inspectors to visit them. BCC (the marijuana regulators) will take over hemp CBD.

The word on the street is that the same associations asking for money to fight this that are actually requesting this bill behind closed doors, creating a Hegelian Dialectic (create a problem, expose the problem you created, ask for money to fix it; just like HIA did in 1999 and HIA v DEA). Here’s their plan:

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