HempNut Organic Blue Corn Chips

In the “Golden Age of Hemp Foods,” 1994-2002, there were four corn chip brands, starting with Heavenly Hemp. This was the one from HempNut Inc., 10% HempNut in an organic blue corn masa, gas-flushed in a mylar bag to preserve freshness. Only chip to have a Structure-function claim. It was often called one of the best chips of any kind, no doubt due to the savory notes added by the shelled hempseed.

HempNut Organic Blue Corn Chips contained only organic blue corn, HempNut brand organic shelled hempseed, lime, organic expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil, and salt. Certified organic by QAI. Certified kosher by Kof-K. A good source of essential fatty acids, on the front panel is the Structure-function claim “Omega-3 Supports Healthy Heart, Brain, and Immune Function.” The product was sold nationally.

Gas-flushed silver metal mylar bag for freshness. Hats off to our co-packer for making Best Practices suggestions. Most said no (higher COGS), but I said yes, as omega-3 rancidity is an issue otherwise for wide distribution. Plus it looked cool. Designed by the brilliant Al Haeger at Ascent Marketing. The product was supported by a large marketing and advertising campaign.

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