VP Harris Is The “Anointed” One

If elected, VP candidate Kamala Devi Harris will be one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Despite commuting Roger Stone’s sentence, the Cannabis industry’s inside man in DC, Trump didn’t legalize like many thought he would. He could still use it as an October Surprise, just to “own the libs.”

Since we have no choice this year but to support Biden, we still must leverage it for marijuana legalization. Harris has been one of the friendliest to pot, even if only lately, and conveniently for us also desperately needs our every last vote.

Her Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE Act, SB 2227) deschedules marijuana and more. We can quibble over the unhelpful details once she’s in.

In addition to her MORE Act, Harris co-sponsored Sen. Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act. Similar to her bill, the news that Harris was in favor of the bill in its 2018 marked her shift towards a new attitude on marijuana.

Since then she’s supported the SAFE Banking Act and sent a letter to the Justice Department demanding they stop blocking research on medical Cannabis. Her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination included descheduling marijuana.

In a post to Twitter Harris noted that “legalizing marijuana” was one of the necessary steps toward her goal of ending mass incarceration.

This represents a 180° change of heart for her on marijuana. The website for her DA re-election campaign touted she “closed legal loopholes that were allowing drug dealers to escape prosecution” and “increased convictions of drug dealers from 56% in 2003 to 74% in 2006.” She wrote the argument against legalizing adult-use marijuana in California, Proposition 19 in 2010. She also did not support Proposition 64, which finally “legalized” there six years later. While San Francisco’s District Attorney, she had a regular column in the police union newsletter.

Cannabis Heritage

Harris’ late mother was Indian and her father is Jamaican. Those two countries have deep connections to Cannabis; 5,000 years of bhang, ganja, and charas in India, and the religious Ganja of the Rastafari in Jamaica.

There are ancient holidays in India dedicated to Shiva, the oldest continually worshipped God on Earth, which features consuming bhang (milk with marijuana). Legalizing will help the karma Harris acquired being a loyal soldier in the war on marijuana. Biden, too.

After reggae and rum, Ganja is Jamaica’s biggest celebrity.

In the Bible, “anointing” is the covering of the body or parts with an oil of Kaneh Bosm, which is Cannabis. So “anointing” uses Cannabis Oil. Building the trope: thus she is “The Anointed One,” drenched in the healing oil of Kaneh Bosm.

Therefore, Harris is the “anointed” one to finally legalize. The ancient culture of Cannabis is literally in her genes.

It gives her the opportunity to have “evolving views” on the subject. At some point drug warrior Biden can have a change of heart and at least support medical marijuana regulated by the states, informed by the wise counsel of his physician wife, Dr Jill Biden.

NCIA should post a security detail on Dr Biden to chase Big Pharma away; they’ll lose trillions at first then buy everyone out.

The stars are aligning, and my hope springs eternal. This is our big chance, we need to make it a campaign issue before Trump’s aides figure it out and co-opt it. Even this victim of Harris’ over-zealous prosecution of a nonviolent marijuana farmer has now asked people to vote Biden/Harris:

After 50 years of Schedule 1… it’s time.
With 90% public support… it’s time.
A racist unconstitutional profoundly unpopular law must end… it’s time.
47 states breaking federal law as RICO felons must end… it’s time.
Reform mass incarceration over drugs… it’s time.
Give back the vote to 6.5 million drug felons… it’s time.
Let drug felons now banned grow hemp… it’s time.
Let thousands of state-legal dispensaries be able to bank… it’s time.
Let researchers research… it’s time.
End the lie of FDA’s Schedule 1 and “no medical value”… it’s time.

It’s time. People do change and evolve their positions. Allow the possibility of change; change is the only constant. It’s now time for that change.


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