Distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes recommendations? For making my own ratio carts

Distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes recommendations? For making my own ratio carts

Hey all, wondering what you guys recommend for CBD and CBG distillate as well as good and well priced cannabis terps.

Been a MMJ patient for a year, discovered CBD and CBG flower about 8 months ago and stepped up my ability to medicate.

Florida medical marijuana CBD products are very expensive as they are all medical marijuana derived via vertical integration versus hemp CBD. Pretty much always smoking on a 1:1:1 mix of CBD, CBG, and medical THC flowers. I want to recreate this in a cartridge.

I enjoy cannabis terps, and do feel that distillate vapes with CDT versus botanical terps medicates me more effectively, and frankly I enjoy the taste of cannabis terps. The medical THC I'll be using will already have cannabis terps in it. I don't want to just combine this with straight CBD & CBG distillate with the terpenes at 1/3 of their concentration, I worry it won't taste right or have the desired effect.

I'd love some recommendations for places to find cannabis terps for the CBD and CBG unless anybody knows of some distillate with cannabis terps already that's priced well.

For my CBD and CBG I've been reading good things about MyCBDHaven, both in quality and price. However their distillate is essentially pure distillate with zero terps.

Also, any recommendations on how to physically uniformly mix the three distillates and terps once I have them?

Appreciate any help and advice!

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