Social equity and state cannabis sales

Social equity and state cannabis sales

Excerpts from panel appearance of Shaleen Title of the Parabola Center for the North Carolina Department of Justice webinar in 2022., 21-minute mark:

We need to make “evidence-based decisions that are not based on fear or stigma but rather the reality of data that we have in front of us.  I also want to say you don’t have to use the same models that other states have used. You can think about fairness and equity and one thing that’s brought up a lot is the idea of potentially state regulated storesI think we are long overdue for a state to try that model. I think from a public health perspective and equity perspective it makes sense to see if they try that so I hope that is considered strongly.”

25-minute mark:

“I hope you’ll consider being the first state potentially to look at a state-run model . . . especially because we don’t have a state yet that has a successful equitable for profit model.  Maybe we will soon.  I think New York is an exciting one to look at, but we don’t have that yet.”

Here’s the Parabola Center’s story:

“Our team was the first in the nation to devise a clear path for small businesses and historically disenfranchised groups to enter the market. We are here to help create polices that reflect the needs of the millions of people who continue to form the legal cannabis movement.”

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Social equity and state cannabis sales
March 15, 2023 4:48 pm